Having worked remotely for a couple of years, it was an easy shift to running my own VA business from home.

I wanted to spend more time with my grandchildren, tricky with a full-time job and a two-hour commute. Two live in Glasgow, one of whom I have never met due to Covid, so like many people right now it is easy to become disheartened when you’re stuck indoors. I find myself singing “Reasons to be Cheerful” by Ian Dury as I go about my work!

I’m sure both my song choice and the fact I have grandchildren gives away my age but, luckily, with age comes experience. Having spent over 20 years as an Executive Assistant & Marketing Manager in financial services, I bring a lot of practical knowledge to my clients, giving them confidence in my ability to handle their work with professionalism and competence.

I like to work with executives and entrepreneurs in financial services who need a steady, reliable hand to manage their administration and marketing, creating time for them to focus on what is important.

So, for now there is no travel and I need to make do with face timing the grandchildren. Hopefully, that will soon change but in the meantime, in the words of Ian Dury, give me “a little bit of Claret, anything that rocks” to keep me going 😊.

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